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October 2, 2022

OPINION | Why are we giving our water away?

For the most part, Duval County dodged a bullet with Hurricane Ian. Many prayers go out to our fellow Floridians all over the state, most significantly those in the Ft. Myers area, as they struggle to put shattered lives back together. Many prayers also go out to those who lost their lives and those with family members or friends who

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September 27, 2022

OPINION | Eastside deserves national historic designation

The history and heritage of Jacksonville’s many Gullah Geechee descendants have been largely overlooked, with little recognition given to the community. According to the Gullah Geechee Heritage Corridor Commission, the Gullah Geechee are descendants of Central and West Africans who were enslaved and brought to the Americas from the late 1600s to 1866, bringing with them traditional foodways, customs, arts,

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September 25, 2022

OPINION | Auditing Lenny Curry’s budget legacy

If Jacksonville hadn’t faced budget crunches for years coming out of the 2008 crash, Mayor Lenny Curry might never have happened. Curry, an accountant by training and a political pugilist by trade, built his argument in the 2015 campaign on a number of points. A major one was budget. He blasted Alvin Brown’s administration for a so-called “pension disaster” when

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September 21, 2022

OPINION | Battle for the best of us

Over the weekend, I visited the Cummer Museum for the opening of the Deborah Roberts exhibition I’m. On a large wall, visitors encounter a description of the exhibition, which notes the title I’m “signals a merging of the individual self (the ‘I’) with a larger sense of being (‘am’) and suggests a sense of self-determination and a reclaiming of community.”

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September 14, 2022

OPINION | Jax’s next sheriff should build bridge with City Hall

It’s September in Jacksonville, which brings some potential relief from brutal summer heat, a heightened focus on tropical weather activity, renewed hopes for the Jaguars to return to respectability and an opportunity to bust out college colors, whether red and black, orange and blue, or garnet and gold.   It also means a return to the Silly Season.  What is the

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September 11, 2022

OPINION | Crowded field could mean chaos for Jax mayoral race

The public phase of the mayoral campaign of Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce CEO Daniel Davis, who didn’t quit his day job for this run, kicked off last Thursday at a trucking company on the Westside. The vibe was retro. The loud, optimistic country songs were interchangeable and on a seeming loop. There was no AC in the warehouse-style showroom space,

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September 7, 2022

OPINION | The 7-hour solution for work-life balance

Why isn’t the school day as long as the work day?  That’s the thought that’s been running through my mind since my 7-year-old returned to the classroom last month. After three years of only creative entrepreneurship through writing and publishing, I returned to the workforce in a fully remote position in April of this year. The expected work hours are

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September 6, 2022

OPINION | Jax should apply for the Reconnecting Communities grant

The new federal Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program offers cities funding for projects that restore neighborhoods split and disrupted by highways in the mid-20th Century. Several projects from Jacksonville would be a perfect fit for the grant, but the city would have to move quickly to meet the Oct. 13th deadline. Will Jacksonville apply, or will the city miss out on

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August 31, 2022

OPINION | Government can work. Here’s proof

Spend a lot of time browsing social media or watching Fox, CNN or MSNBC, and it would be easy to be cynical about the ability of government to succeed. There is a lot of negativity in our public discourse.  It’s time we take a look at what is working. Here in North Florida, there are examples of government doing its

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August 28, 2022

OPINION | What we learned from the August elections

The 2022 primaries taught us a lot about how surprises are possible in local politics, even if some things stay constant. The biggest surprise of all was in Congressional District 4, where in the Democratic primary, LaShonda “LJ” Holloway edged out Tony Hill, a former state senator and district aide to redistricted-out Congressman Al Lawson. Holloway is proof of the

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