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August 10, 2022

Opinion: Short on the things we need

Monday morning marks back-to-school time for my son along with thousands of other Duval County students. In preparation, I have been keeping my eyes and ears tuned to the news of the bus driver and teacher shortages.  I’ve checked the database to see how this will affect my son. (At the time of this writing, he’s been assigned a teacher

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August 9, 2022

6 Jacksonville day trips

There’s a lot to do in the Jacksonville area, and even more within a short drive. With summer winding down, here’s a look at six places with authentic charm that make for great day trips from Jacksonville. Alexander Springs One of the most underrated things about Florida is its abundance of natural springs. Jacksonville is within a one- to two-hour

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August 3, 2022

Opinion: For candidates, public scrutiny is part of the process

The primary season in Florida politics is always brutal. Because primaries involve battles between members of the same political party, or a nonpartisan race, there usually aren’t many policy differences among the choices. Therefore, candidates seek to differentiate themselves in other ways, often pointing to the alleged personal failings of their opponent. It can get ugly. Add in the fact

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August 2, 2022

6 Downtown projects now under construction

Though largely happening in the outskirts, new construction is happening in Downtown Jacksonville. Here’s a look at six projects moving forward now. Four Seasons Hotel & Residences Developer: Iguana Investments Address: Metropolitan Park The new development centered on the Four Seasons Hotel Jacksonville is scheduled to break ground later this year on the former grounds of Metropolitan Park on the

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July 31, 2022

Opinion: August is the cruelest month

T.S. Eliot famously posited that “April is the cruelest month.” This tells us that he didn’t follow primary politics in Florida, because if he did, he would know the real brutality comes in August. Local general elections often aren’t in doubt, as was underscored recently when election expert Larry Sabato went ahead and declared the 4th Congressional District “safe Republican”

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July 27, 2022

Opinion: Hotbeds of hatred

On Jan. 6th, 2021, I sat beside my mother in my living room, eyes glued to the television watching the attack on the Capitol. I thought, I tweeted and I said repeatedly, “If that had been Black people, they’d have been dead.”  It’s the same thought that circles my mind every time I see the footage either during the hearings

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July 26, 2022

Opinion: Don’t sweat the ‘wrong kind’ of housing

New residential projects in established neighborhoods often draw pushback. This is especially the case when the developments are seen as too expensive, too large or otherwise undesirable. But with Jacksonville’s facing down a growing housing crisis, such projects are coming whether we like it or not. Here’s a look at why that’s not a bad thing — and how we

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July 20, 2022

Opinion: Think you can’t fight City Hall? Remember the Red Shirts

There is a lot of frustration with government these days. Inflation and the lingering effects of the pandemic have many folks in a sour mood and feeling powerless. “You can’t fight City Hall” is a mantra I occasionally hear. It’s the idea that one person or a small group can’t make a difference. Well, don’t tell that to the “Save

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July 19, 2022

Opinion: Florida’s secret weapon in the housing crisis

With the creation of the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund to support affordable housing in 1992, Florida led the way in ensuring that low-income residents had a place to live. But failure to fund the trust over the last 20 years has contributed to Florida’s entering a full-blown housing crisis — still, it just may be our best tool for turning

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July 18, 2022

Opinion: Kids should be able to live big

I was talking to my son recently about travel, and I suggested that for his next spring break we visit a friend of mine in Texas. After making my pitch, I asked if he wanted to go.  He said, “No. They have mass shootings in Texas.”  In the moment, I registered, Wow he’s really been paying attention when I watch

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