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April 20, 2023

MAY VOTER GUIDE | Jacksonville mayor 

Donna Deegan and Daniel Davis are running for Jacksonville mayor in the May 16, 2023, election.

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October 31, 2022

OPINION | Mayor’s race should be about Jax, not parties

While the political world is hyper-focused on the midterm elections, the day after next Tuesday’s voting opens another chapter in local politics. Nov. 9 is the day the Jacksonville mayor’s race gets real.  The major players vying for the seat are Daniel Davis, Leanna Cumber, Donna Deegan, Audrey Gibson and Al Ferraro. Davis, the CEO of the Jax Chamber of

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July 10, 2022

OPINION | Have Democrats lost the Jax mayoral race already?

For the first time in many years, two serious Democratic candidates are running for Jacksonville mayor. And for backers of one of those candidates, two Democrats in the field was one too many even before a third Democrat, Theresa Ann Richardson, filed for the race last week. Supporters of former newscaster Donna Deegan continue to suggest that Sen. Audrey Gibson launched

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June 13, 2022

OPINION | Bet on Black women

My heart was glad when I saw the announcement that term-limited Democratic state Sen. Audrey Gibson was entering the Jacksonville mayoral race. It seemed like a full-circle moment. Eleven years ago, when I first considered moving to Jacksonville, I had come to the River City for a job interview. It was election day. Alvin Brown was the Democratic candidate for

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