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January 12, 2023

Jacksonville officials, local civil rights leaders continue to celebrate MLK. Separately. 

Friday will mark the fifth straight year Jacksonville will have separate breakfasts honoring Martin Luther King.

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December 14, 2022

PHOTO ESSAY | ‘Take them down!’

Activists with the Northside Coalition and other civil rights groups implored the Jacksonville City Council Tuesday to remove the Confederate monument in Springfield Park, while a faction of speakers asked the Council to keep them up.  Before the meeting, protests began in James Weldon Johnson Park when an organist played a few moments before 4 p.m. and Northside Coalition founder

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January 9, 2022

OPINION | Ben Frazier makes his point

A week ago, the world hadn’t heard of Ben Frazier. The president of the Northside Coalition was known locally, but it took a trip to the Florida Department of Health building in Jacksonville for Frazier to become celebrated from coast to coast. Frazier, a one-time broadcast journalist who still has the voice for the gig, was unrelenting when advised that

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