The Duval County Supervisor of Elections office. l Ray Hollister, WJCT News 89.9The Duval County Supervisor of Elections office. l Ray Hollister, WJCT News 89.9
The Duval County Supervisor of Elections office. l Ray Hollister, WJCT News 89.9

More poll workers needed in Duval, especially Republicans

Published on January 9, 2024 at 3:20 pm

Duval County needs more poll workers with multiple elections on tap in 2024.

Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland said he wants to have at least two poll workers from each major party at all of the county’s 160 precincts on Election Day, which he said would increase transparency and confidence with elections. Recruiting Republican poll workers has not been as easy as getting Democrats, he said.

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“Republicans have not been as forthcoming volunteering as Democrats have,” Holland said. “I compliment both sides when they do something. The Democrats are very eager to get involved as poll workers and so we have plenty of Democrats, but we do need more Republicans to volunteer to be poll workers.”

Holland would like to see 30 to 40 more Republicans sign up and 10 to 20 additional Democratic poll workers.

Jacksonville Today reached out to each of the major parties in Duval County to see whether they have plans to help reach those numbers, but neither party immediately responded.

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Holland said he has been in contact with both parties to let them know of the need.

Asked why more Republicans don’t sign up, Holland said it has to do with familiarity. Most poll workers want to be at their local precinct on Election Day, and sometimes there is not a need for a Republican in a particular location, he said.

Training for poll workers started this week in Duval County, but if you are interested in becoming a poll worker, you can go to Being a poll worker is not a volunteer position; you are paid for each election.

The pay rates are:

  • Precinct manager, $360.
  • Assistant manager, $300.
  • Inspector technician, $275.
  • Deputy, $255.

The three elections this year are the presidential preference primary March 19, the primary election Aug. 20 and the general election Nov. 5.

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