JEA crews clean up after spill near Pottsburg Creek.JEA crews clean up after spill near Pottsburg Creek.

Sewage spill puts Pottsburg Creek off limits

Published on September 15, 2023 at 1:33 pm

An equipment failure at JEA’s Skinner Parkway lift station on Thursday led to a “sanitary sewer overflow” into Pottsburg Creek.

JEA estimated the spill amounted to 509,000 gallons.

JEA said it cleaned up at the lift station and finished recovery efforts from Pottsburg Creek by Thursday evening, but it sent a cautionary e-mail to about 780 customers adjacent to potentially affected areas along Pottsburg Creek advising against fishing or recreational activities in affected waters until further notice.

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JEA said the spill does not affect drinking water in the area.

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