Meet Moxi, Baptist Health’s friendly new robot

Published on October 12, 2022 at 10:41 am

April Gray gave a big smile as Baptist Heath leader Michael Mayo and a bright-eyed companion passed by her desk inside the hospital’s Southbank Jacksonville complex.

“There’s my main man!” she cried out. Mayo looked over.

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“Not you,” Gray said to her boss, smiling some more.

No, her main man on this day is Moxi, a delivery robot with perpetually upbeat, heart-shaped eyes, one multifunctional arm and a cute little voice that goes something like, “Meow meow.”

Moxi has already become a familiar sight at the medical center, and Gray’s teasing illustrated what Baptist is trying to achieve with the robot: turning it into a valued member of the hospital, able to perform a variety of tasks that free up human staffers to better take care of their patients.

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