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December 13, 2022

OPINION | 4 myths about Jacksonville’s city government

Jacksonville City Hall provides no shortage of things to criticize, but there are some common complaints that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Looking around the country shows that. Myth 1: Jacksonville City Council is too big Reality: Jacksonville City Council is smaller than the councils of other consolidated cities One recurring claim about Jacksonville’s city government is that its 19-member

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May 31, 2022

OPINION | Between the cheerleaders and cynics

The Jaxson team is often accused of being cheerleaders for Jacksonville who don’t do enough to acknowledge our city’s problems. Conversely, we’re also frequently accused of being cynics who don’t do anything but focus on our city’s problems. From our perspective, where we really fall is in the pragmatic in-between: We celebrate the things that work and critique the things

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