Florida’s Disaster Sales Tax Holiday runs through June 9

Published on May 30, 2023 at 11:59 am

Florida’s Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday began last weekend and will continue through June 9. During this time residents are encouraged to purchase supplies that will better prepare their homes, businesses, and families for the upcoming hurricane season.

According to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, the newly signed Florida House Bill 7063 extends the reach and impact of the tax holiday. This year, additional items have been added to the list of tax-exempt products. A few examples include laundry detergent, bleach, toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, and trash bags. A more exhaustive list of tax-exempt items, including the new additions to the list, can be found on this guide from the Florida Department of Revenue.

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In addition, Florida House Bill 7063 adds a second two-week disaster preparedness tax relief period during the late summer: This year’s second tax holiday will begin on August 26 and end on September 8, just before the peak of hurricane season.

Floridians are encouraged to take advantage of the tax exemption, and to use it as an impetus to disaster planning. They are encouraged to consider the needs of their families and their property and create both shelter-in-place and evacuation plans. While creating these plans, they should consider the items they’ll need to survive, make a shopping list, and designate a space in their home where their supplies will be stored.

More information on the Florida House Bill 7063 and the 2023 tax holidays can be found at

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